Monday, 15 September 2014

Principles Of Effective Logo Design

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Logos, characteristics of effective logo designs, how to make a good logo

A logo is a benchmark for any company. Branding of any company can be effectively done by a logo. so a logo must be effective. There are some principles to make your logo effective.

Principles of Effective logo design 

1. Simple : 

People can recognise simple logos as soon as they see them. a fast way for users to notice and remember your brand.

2. Memorable : 

A logo should make an impact on users.If  you want to get attention of your users and make  impression Then logo must be  be memorable

3. Timeless : 

A great logo should be timeless. Don't be too trendy, a logo is your brand identity it should be effective in 10, 20 or 50 years?

4. Versatile : 

 your logo must be equally good on any media ( Any web device or print material ). For that logos should be designed in vector format.

5. Appropriate : 

You should always think about your industry and your intended audience. your logo should relates the work you are doing.

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

M2Soft Update : Questions and answersheet for PHP developers

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PHP practice Questions to improve web development skills,PHP interview questions for PHP developers

I am here today with answer-sheet of yesterday's test that is  "Question Bank for PHP developers" and many more PHP questions with answers for PHP developers to improve web development skills.

For questions GO HERE : PHP Questions

Answer- sheet : Question Bank for PHP developers

 Questions                                  Answers

       Que.1                                                            B
       Que.2                                                            A
       Que.3                                                            D
       Que.4                                                            C
       Que.5                                                            C
       Que.6                                                            C
       Que.7                                                            D
       Que.8                                                            A
       Que.9                                                        C & D
       Que.10                                                      A & B

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Question Bank for PHP developers

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multiple choice Question and answers for PHP developers, PHP technical interview Questions for Developers, interview questions

Here are some questions from M2Soft Solutions improve web development skills of PHP developers


PHP Questions and answers


Que. 1 Variables/functions in PHP don't work directly with:

a. echo()
b. isset()
c. print()
d. All of the above

Que. 2 How does the identity operator === compare two values? 
1) It converts them to a common compatible data type and then compares the resulting values
2) It returns True only if they are both of the same type and value
3) If the two values are strings, it performs a lexical comparison
4) It bases its comparison on the C strcmp function exclusively

Que. 3 Which of the following multithreaded servers allow PHP as a plug-in?

a. Netscape FastTrack
b. Microsoft's Internet Information Server
c. O'Reilly's WebSite Pro
d. All of the above

Que. 4 In PHP the error control operator is _______

a) .
b) *
c) @
d) &

Que.5 The inbuilt function to get the number of parameters passed is:

a. arg_num()
b. func_args_count()
c. func_num_args()
d. None of the above

Que. 6 Variable scope on which a variable does not loose its value when the function exists and use that value if the function is called again is:

a. Local

b. function parameter

c. static

d. None of above

Que. 7 Which of the following is not a predefined constant?

d. _FILE_

Que.8 PHP variables are

a) Multitype variables
b) Double type variables
c) Single type variable
d) Trible type variables

Que.9 Which of the following variable names are invalid? (choose 2)

a. $var_1
b. $var1
c. $var-1
d. $var/1
e. $v1

Que. 10 Which of the following functions output text?

a. echo()
b. print()
c. println()
d. display()

The Answer-sheet of these questions will be available Tomorrow..

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Features of wordpress 4.0 Benny

Word press Benny Features, Updates of Word press Benny,
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As we know WordPress has released its a new version called "Benny" on 4 sep 2014. The name was in honour of jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman.

WORD PRESS 4.0 "BENNY" Features :

This version includes 4 major Features and many other bug fixes.The updates are
  • Intuitive Editing
  • Seamless Media Embeds
  • New Plugin Browser
  • Media Library Grid

Intuitive Editing :

Editing the content is now more smoother experience. The editor will expands to fit your content as you write, and keeps the formatting tools available throughout the content.

Seamless Media Embeds :

You can embed YouTube, tweets to your wordpress post by pasting the URL of them. You can also preview videos and the embeds in drafting mode itself.

New Plugin Browser :

Plugins page has complete makeover which has new metrics, improved search and a visual browsing experience.

Media Library Grid :

Media Library grid is easy to use and new details preview was available to edit the media details.

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Monday, 8 September 2014

M2Soft Update : Web Design Process

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web design concepts, Strategies of web design, web design process

Building a website includes  a process that every web designer should use. This process covers all the steps from deciding on a website to building it and deliver.

Web Design Process :

Purpose : 

Knowing the purpose of the site will help you set Goals for the site as well as help determine your target audience.This includes client goals, target audience, detailed feature requests and as much relevant information as you can possibly gather.

Planning :

Many people think this is where you jump into your Web Editer and start building, but the best sites start with a plan and start that plan even before the first wire-frame is built.

Your design plan should include:
  • Details about the Information Architecture
  • The planned structure of the site
  • A sitemap of the pages to be designed and built
  • And technical details like: if scripts or Ajax will be used, whether there will be a server-side language like PHP in use, if you need a Shopping cartand so on.
Designing :

The design stage typically involves moving the information outlined in the planning stage further into reality.If you’ve done a good job planning and designing your site, then building the HTML and CSS will be easier. And for many of us, this is the best part.

You will use lots of different technologies to build your site:
  • HTML – this is the basis of your website, and if you learn nothing else, you should Learn html
  • CSS – Once you know HTML, CSS helps you create the design you planned.

Testing  :

Testing your website is critical both throughout the building phase and after you’ve gotten it built. While you’re building it, you should Preview your pagesperiodically to make sure your HTML and CSS are working correctly.

Delivery :
After testing the website final step is to deliver the website for development or launch.
I have found these Points to make a website design process. if you can add more please add it ...VIA COMMENTS

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How to make SEO friendly websites

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There are many examples of websites that are visually stunning and well developed but failed to make online presence.Because “Build it, and user will come” is not the way things work online. Creating a SEOFriendly Website is necessary.

How to create SEO Friendly website


1. SEO Friendly Url :

Search engines use automated process (known as spiders) to index the websites. url of website must be meaningful to the search engines to make sure your content makes sense to these spiders, starting with your URL structure.

2. Optimise tags :

Keywords are an integral part of any SEO . If you fail to include relevant keywords in your content, Google may never find it. Include your keywords in your posts and pages in the following areas:

1.Page titles tag

2.Headings tag

3.The main body of your copy

4. Your URLs Image filenames

3. Image Optimisation :

People often concentrate too much on text content when working on SEO, but forget about their images. Use alt tag to optimise images. search engines can not read image formats. using alt tag enable search engines to read it.

4. XML sitemap :

An XML sitemap isn’t the same as the HTML sitemap we see on some sites that can help readers with navigation.An XML sitemap is a structured list of URLs intended for search engines, to help them find all your posts and pages and index them more easily.

5. Integrate social media :

Current indications are that the likes of Google and Bing now give far more importance to the authority of your site on social media. If your content is shared by more people, it is an indication that you have something of value to give your site visitors. So, add social sharing buttons to your posts and pages and urge visitors to share the content if they enjoyed reading it

I have found these Points to make a website SEO friendly. if you can add more please add it ...VIA COMMENTS

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Friday, 5 September 2014

When your company needs a New logo

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logo design,logo, when to create a new logo for a company

"A logo speaks volumes about a company and its products. It acts like a trademark and should immediately trigger a reaction from the viewer."
But Sometimes, a logo isn't good forever and there's a dire need of a fresh logo. How do you know when your company needs a new logo.

When your company needs a New logo


Your logo does not  express our corporate identity? 

If your logo fails to express the central idea of your company, it is probably out of touch with your business. A script typeface is inappropriate for car repair shops, for example. Or maybe your business has changed.

Your logo isn't as appealing as your competition's.  

Have a look at your competitions' logo designs. "If their logos are more appealing, it's a good indicator that yours needs an update or change." If you're not sure, compare your social media following to your competitors'. If they have more fans and followers, it may be time for a new design. "Don't underestimate the impact of good design,"

Is our logo unique?
 Your logo should be different than those of competitors. Don't confuse your customers with a copycat logo. Pepsi had trouble defining its brand until it abandoned the logo that imitated the Coke design.

Your logo doesn't adapt well to modern media.

If your logo was designed for your storefront 15 years ago, it might not be optimized to work well on a website or on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
"It may have looked great on a sign or in a Yellow Pages ad, but businesses today promote themselves in a lot of new ways," It's important that the logo works across several mediums.

Your logo is too complex.

The growing trend in logos has been towards simplification in design. "Gradients and drop shadows used to be popular in logos, but these techniques are starting to look dated" and  "They're also difficult to translate across some mediums." Instead, choose a simple logo design that utilizes up to three colors. Choose a flat matte look. "One indicator that your logo is simple and effective is if it can be used in a transparent form as a background and still be recognizable,"

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